How to find the best “we buy houses” company in Denver

We buy houses near Denver, Colorado

If you’ve searched on google, I bet you’ve found that a lot of companies say “We buy houses”…

we buy houses denver
“Renovating a house we bought in Denver”

You’re about to learn the easiest way to quickly find the best “We buy houses Denver” company.  You may have to sell your house quickly, but that doesn’t mean you don’t want to get the best price.  You want to sell your house to a company who will treat you fairly, deal with you honestly, and follow through with what they promise you.  

Unfortunately, it’s hard to find companies like that in Denver.   Most of the “we buy houses” companies in our area will try to rip you off.  They see someone in a tough situation and try to capitalize on it.  

How to find the best "we buy houses" company near Denver

When you google “we buy houses denver”, nine out of ten of the companies that show up don’t actually buy houses.  They pretend to buy houses.  They’ll tell you they are going to buy your house.  They will even send you a contract to purchase your home.  In fact, they’ll even show up at closing and you’ll think they “bought” your house…  

…but they don’t actually buy houses, and they didn’t really buy your house.  They ripped you off.  They probably took $5,000 to $30,000 out of your pocket.  

They are called wholesalers.  Have you ever seen that billboard with a caveman on it that says “We buy ugly houses”?  In most cases, that company doesn’t buy houses.  They wholesale houses.  Here’s how it works:

  1. The company claiming to buy houses gives you an offer on your home with an inspection contingency in the offer.  (This means they can get out of the contract without loosing their earnest money)  
  2. You accept their offer.
  3. The company finds a real investor to buy your house and sees what they will pay.
  4. If the real investor will not pay at least $5,000 more than what the wholesale company offered you, the wholesale company send you an inspection objection.  
  5. The company claiming to buy your house tells you that unless you will lower the price, they will walk away from the contract due to inspection issues.
  6. You either lower the price and sell your house cheap, or you let the wholesaler cancel the contract and walk away with their earnest money.
  7. If you agreed to lower the price, you go to closing to sell your house to the wholesale company.
  8. The wholesale company buys your house from you in one room, while they resell it for a higher price in another room at the closing company.

The company you thought was buying your home will have owned it for less than an hour.  This is what MOST “we buy houses” companies are doing in the Denver area.

If you would rather just sell directly to a real investor for a higher price, all you need to do is cut the wholesaler out of the deal.  You need to find a real investor.  

When you are dealing with a company who claims to buy houses, ask to see pictures of houses they are renovating.  Look at their facebook page at posts over the last few months and try to find videos and pictures of houses they have fixed up.  They should either be advertising houses for rent or houses for sale that they have fixed up.

If a company can’t provide any evidence that they actually buy houses, they probably don’t.  Even if the company doesn’t use social media, they should be able to give you the addresses of some houses they have purchased.  If it’s in Denver county, go to, put in the property address, open the property records, and click on “Chain of Title” on the top right of the page.  You should see the investor’s name as the property owner on the chain of title for at least a couple of months.

Great news.  Denver Property Flip is a real investor, so you should get an offer from us.  Don’t believe me?  Check out all the progress videos of the houses we have flipped over the last few months on our facebook page at

We’ll look at your house from all angles and find the best use.  At 1911 S. Lafayette Street in Denver, we tore the roof off and added a story.  At 6741 Monaco Street in Commerce City, we added a second unit in the basement and kept the house as a rental.  At 427 S Lima Circle in Aurora and 1251 Elmwood Court in Broomfield, we did a cosmetic rehab (like on HGTV) and resold the house at the top of the neighborhood market.

We buy houses near Denver, we close in 5 days, and we pay more than other investors… because we actualy buy houses!  Give us a call today at 720-370-9595.


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